Dave Hornbrook, a Specialist & Accredited Member of the Guild of Taxidermists
As you would expect all work is carried out to the highest professional standards, using the latest equipment and materials.
All preserving, mounting, case making, scenery, finishing is completed by myself (no work is sub contracted to other taxidermists).
All my specimens have the appropriate sales licences for the UK, they also come with documentation stating suppliers name/address, date received, cause of death, Log Number etc.

In May 2009 I attended the world taxidermy championships  St Charles, Massuri in the USA.

I entered seven items, and attained  1 first and 6 second places in the professional division.

I was also the third highest scoring competitor in the professional division, winning a trophy.
Tawny Owl
Second place in the World Avian Challenge Division, where competitors tried to replicate a selected photo of a hen pheasant.
Grey Partridge and Jay
Song Thrush